Tube Bending Training

More connections mean greater potential for leaks. Leakage impacts system efficiency, safety and environmental concerns, and equipment life, so you can expect increased costs associated with maintenance and operations.

Learn tube bending fundamentals from the tube fitting and fluid system experts.

Contract us to bring our popular Tube Bending Essentials class to your facility and we will improve your crew's tube bending skills. We've already developed the class and thousands of students have proven it works. We bring all the tubing and training consumables needed to you, so you don't have to develop a tube bending training class from scratch!


Learn bending skills by prepping and bending tubing. A series of exercises that mimic typical bends made in the field. Instructional slides support the class and a practical test of bending skills is performed.

Swagelok Certified class

If your company has multiple locations, this course will be presented the same way at all locations and facilities. This allows for Swagelok certification of completion, a base skill level your crew will attain. Consider a popular and perfect complement to Tube Bending Essentials by combining it with Tube Fitting Installation and Safety Training for increased value and improved tubing skills over a half day.

Our Swagelok-certified trainers educate your workforce to successfully design, install, and maintain even the most complex fluid systems, aligning training with your culture and strategic goals.

What to expect from Tube Bending Essentials

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • properly cut and deburr tubing
  • explain the purpose of various marks used in tube bending
  • bend tubing with the correct bend angle made in the correct location
  • identify potential bend defects

Email or call 866.901.0151 to talk to our expert trainers and increase safety and your team’s skillset.

Using a Hand Tube Bender