We offer a range of tubing, including chemically-cleaned and passivated, ultrahigh-purity stainless steel, sanitary, medium-pressure, pre-coned, insulated, jacketed, and pre-insulated bundles. Plus, Swagelok tube cutting and preparation tools help you cut, bend, or deburr tubing for repeatable results.

When you select straight length tubing from us our packaging will help insure the integrity of the surface finish so all of your connections will be leak tight.

Impulse and vibration can impact your fluid system. Proper system design, along with Swagelok Support Kits that restricts the movement of tubing and fluid system components, can help ensure a successful installation.

Just like any other component, there is a way to maximize its operational effectiveness by installing it properly. We offer expert certified Tube Bending Training for your team to ensure your work environment is safe, proving peak efficiency and eliminating unplanned downtime.

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Stainless Steel Tubing

Not all tubing is the same, and because it is a critical component that affects the seal of the tube fitting we offer only the highest of quality and we put in the extra effort to ensure it is ready to install once you receive it. Scratches can cause leaks so we protect our tubing with cardboard shipping tubes, and we offer tube support systems to help ensure the integrity of the tubing.

Insulated Tubing

Our Pre-insulated tubing is a great match for steam supply and condensate return lines, or gas or liquid transport lines where you need to consider weather conditions and preserving energy.

Electric-Traced Tubing

Our electric-traced bundled tubing sustains steady temperatures in lengthy impulse and sample lines for freeze protection, temperature maintenance, or viscosity control.

Steam-Traced Tubing

Choose between our light-steam traced tubing or heavy, depending on your application and needs.

Ultrahigh-Purity and High-Purity Tubing

From our stainless steel recipe, to the cleaning, electropolishing and passivation processes, we have your ultrahigh and high purity tubing needs covered.

Special Alloy Tubing

It's not always easy to find special alloy tubing--we understand, so we carry a wide variety to meet your needs.

Jacketed Tubing

Single and Multijacketed tubing provide increased protection against atmospheric corrosion, help provide a defense against temperature issues, or ensure the highest purity.

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