Extended Male Connector Fittings

We created a fitting that eliminates threaded pipe and potential leak points—perfect for rotating equipment applications. Our extended male connector, available in 4- and 6- inch lengths, allows you to clear the shroud, going straight from the gland to your tubing in one piece. Leaks are prone if there are high levels of vibrations and/or freeze/thaw cycles. Fewer threaded connections means less opportunity for safety issues, such as a fire.

All NPT threads manufactured by Swagelok are rolled, not cut, for added rigidity and quality. The differential hardness reduces the likelihood of galling and creates a better connector.

Just look at this and you can see that your old solution can’t compare to the ease of the extended male connector.

All Swagelok products are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

These are in stock so try it out today and you will see the difference this makes in any of your API 682 Seal Plans.

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