Refining and Chemicals

From ensuring the analyzer receives samples that are at the correct temperature and pressure to accurately measuring the physical state of your process to creating efficiencies with rotating components, Swagelok understands your applications and can provide solutions to:

  • Increase safety
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Reduce unplanned downtime

One way we deliver these results is through designing and building high-quality subassemblies, created by Swagelok-certified assemblers. This can be simple 2-piece solutions to more complex grab sampling systems, seal support systems, and much more.

Another offering is our expert-led Swagelok-certified training that can teach your team everything from tube bending to understanding process analyzer sampling systems.

Additionally, we can evaluate your systems:
• for compressed gas and air leaks, potentially saving millions of dollars
• to ensure your hose is installed and functioning properly to maximize its life and minimize downtime
• and more

"We help design, build and optimize fluid systems by integrating our expertise with yours to create better business outcomes and competitive advantages for you" is our mission, and everything we offer to you is based on this. We want to help you succeed and are determined to make that success a reality for you.

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