Measurement Devices

Get accurate readings every time with our wide range of simple-to-use measurement devices.

Pressure gauges, pressure transducers, flowmeters, industrial thermometers, flow sensors and thermowells, and smart products. 

We can create assemblies that include measurement devices, and solve a simple problem or a subassembly or skid that can transform how you work. 

Swagelok products are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Pressure Gauges

Measuring pressure accurately requires a high-performance gauge.

Pressure Transducer

Swagelok industrial pressure transducers electronically monitor fluid system pressure for a wide array of pressure ranges, process connections, electrical connectors and output signals for industrial applications.


Measure the flow rate of liquids and gases accurately with our flowmeters.

Industrial Thermometers

Safety is essential in your work environment, and our simple-to-read, anti-parallax, dials help eliminate reading errors and its dampened movement protect against vibration.

Flow Sensors

Monitor changes in gas system flow with Swagelok’s Flow Sensors


To protect thermometers from damage resulting from interaction with pressurized, corrosive, flowing, viscous or abrasive process fluids utilize Swagelok Thermowells.