Tool Rental

We offer rental tools as another supply chain solution for you. Rent tools by the day, week, or month to complete your next job. Rather buy? We have a wide range of tools available for purchase. Pick up or delivery -- you choose.

Choose from a manual benchtop bender, hydraulic swaging units (comes in many sizes), and welders and weld heads.

Email or call 866.901.0151 to learn how rental tools can help you get your work done on time and budget.

Check out how to use our bench top tube bender.

Manual Benchtop Bender

Provides high-quality bends on fractional and metric tubing made from materials that can be used with Swagelok tube fittings. This easy-to-use tube bender reduces installation time and effort as well as the potential for wrinkling or other damage to the tubing during bending.

Email or call 866.901.0151 to significantly increase installation efficiency.

Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit (MHSU)

Preswages Swagelok ferrules onto tubing prior to assembly for easy installation of large bore tubing. Multihead hydraulic or air-actuated swaging units ensure proper assembly of leak-tight Swagelok fittings. No initial strain on nut of fitting body threads aid in long life of remakeable large bore fittings. Simplify installation and reduce installation time.

Email or call 866.901.0151 to ensure your 1-inch to 2-inch fittings are pulled up correctly every time.

Orbital Welding System

The Swagelok welding system M200 power supply offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touch-screen operation for orbital welding

Email or call 866.901.0151 for a lower-cost alternative to purchasing an orbital welder when you have a project that needs to get done.