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Swagelok is known for tube fittings, and there’s a good reason why. We have built our business on the quality and reliability of our tube fittings and the service we provide customers. Our tube fitting quality can be seen in our patented manufacturing process, to the world-wide mill audits on our bar stock we perform to manufacturing our own tools—all of this, and more, contributes to the highest of quality.

Our quality contributes to:

  • keeping your team safe
  • decreasing your operating costs
  • helping to eliminate unplanned system downtime

Are your tube fittings going into an assembly? We can assemble anything from a simple a two-piece solution to subassemblies and skids. Let’s discuss how we can remove the complexity and help eliminate your risk with this service.

Proper tube fitting installation is the key to maximizing the quality you get from choosing a Swagelok tube fitting. Did you know that over 50% of our tube fitting installation trainees install the fitting improperly when we give them a pre-test before the hands-on training begins. Many times these are installers with many years of field experience. So safety issues, inefficiencies and leaks are bound to be rampant if a tube fitting is pulled up the wrong way.

If you have leaks and inefficiencies in your fluid systems, not just your tube fittings, we can help to pinpoint the issues. We will prioritize them by providing a roadmap to resolve your issues, and help prove your case to gain approval to move forward by detailing which fixes will get you the quickest ROI. We have helped customers save millions of dollars in some cases, so let’s discuss how we can help solve your problems.

Swagelok products and assembly work are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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