Why Hose Tags Are Important

Hose tags are an important part of a successful preventative maintenance program that reduces downtime, while improving the safety of your operators and their work environment.

You can communicate many types of information on hose tags in written form or via color coding. Here are some ways this simple solution adds additional performance and value to the hose products you select to standardize at your facility.

Reduced downtime

Hoses don't always last forever and tend to break down when you don’t expect them to. Tags can help readily identify:

  • the hose type or part number
  • product media
  • pressure or temperature
  • vendor name and contact information
  • location and more

These visuals will prevent a hose from being used incorrectly, and help avoid last minute confusion if something goes wrong.

Another technique to reduce downtime with hose tags is to include the date the hose was made, installed or would need to be replaced. This helps ensure the hose is changed out before it fails and can serve as an important part of your preventative maintenance program.


Continuous improvement of safe operating standards is a concern we all share. Good judgment and smart decision making can be made with the proper information supplied with your hose.

  • Your operator can quickly identify high and low pressure lines as well as possibly volatile, toxic and hazardous systems they are working around.
  • The most effective hose labeling system will allow for quick visual identification through color coded tags. These are a benefit when identifying fluid lines and processes eliminating confusion and avoiding damage to an application.

In the end consider a vendor who has custom assembly capabilities and can supply tagged hoses quickly. This will reduce the need for excess inventory of hoses, improving cash flow by reducing the number of hoses stocked on site. today to start a hose preventative maintenance program.

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