Water Hammer Case Study


A dairy production plant understood the importance of performing a steam trap station analysis. While on site, our field engineers witnessed water hammer. This destructive force can destroy equipment and is a major safety hazard to employees.


The customer understood the importance of eradicating the water hammer issue but wasn't sure what steps were needed. They consulted us on how to solve the problem.


We addressed their initial need for a steam trap station analysis. This alone provided great benefit to the customer. Additionally, we were also able to address the water hammer issue successfully.
After setting up a brief consultation with our engineering team, the customer was presented with cost-effective options on how to solve the problem. The customer opted to install engineered equipment suited to their exact requirements, preventing flash steam from causing water hammer in their undersized condensate return lines.


Partnering with us resulted in significant benefits to the customer. Our services went above and beyond the customer's expectations.

By providing solutions for multiple needs, the facility now enjoys greater reliability, lower energy costs, and is a safer place.

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