We know semi—we have over half a century of experience and invented the VCR fitting for the semiconductor industry. We are able to understand and respond to your need for:

  • An established, lean and agile supply chain
  • Reliable, trouble-free products
  • An onsite technical expert who can answer questions quickly while enhancing safety and delivering product training

Our warehouse is filled with thousands of SKUs for immediate delivery or pickup when needed to avoid unplanned downtime.

Rely on our trusted capability to design and build complex and simple prefabricated assemblies. From gas purge sticks and jumpers used in the welding process to gas manifolds and distribution boxes, our Swagelok-certified precision fabricators will meet your need for efficiency, quality and delivery.

Miles of stainless steel process lines transporting corrosive and toxic gases dictate the use of orbital welding in chip manufacturing. Orbital welding introduces a high degree of weld integrity. We can provide orbital welders for rent or purchase, training, or serve as your orbital welding partner who can get your project work done.

Questions? Email or call 866.901.0151.

How Swagelok Provides Value to the Semiconductor Industry