Electric-Traced Tubing

Our Electric-Traced Bundled tubing is a simple and economical choice for applications where electric tracing is preferred such as process transport lines where you need to consider weather conditions or preserving energy. Whether it is safety, preventing unplanned downtime or enhancing efficiencies consider the benefits you get:

  • Less expensive alternative to field installed insulation of small diameter tubing and pipe
  • Very safe option -- your team is protected against hot process and steam lines
  • Keeps moisture out with non-wicking design of insulation
  • UV-resistant PVC jacket standard with optional TPU jacket available
  • Low chloride insulation protects your tube from corrosion
  • Absorption-resistant fibrous glass insulation
  • Tight 8" bend radius make this easiest pre-insulated tubing to install

Swagelok electric-traced bundled tubing maintains consistent temperatures in long, continuous lengths of impulse and sample lines for freeze protection, temperature maintenance, or viscosity control. The standard Raychem® self-regulating tracer lowers heat output as the bundle gets warmer. For more precise temperature control, an optional line-sensing thermostat is available. High temperature (up to 250F) or Low temperature (up to 100F) options are available as well as one or two process tubes.

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