Seeking the Best Value in a Commodity Tubing World

An installer can be trained, they can use the best tube fittings, but that is all irrelevant in an instrument connection if the tubing does not match your needs. We create value by matching quality, availability and price to offer the lowest installed cost.

Unfortunately, the most overlooked component in a leak-free connection is the tubing, and is often treated as a commodity. Selecting tubing by ASTM spec alone leaves yourself open to wide a wide range of manufacturing quality.

For example, ASTM specs call out tubing straightness and finish in these ways:

  • Should be“reasonably straight”and have smooth ends free of burrs
  • Should have a "workmanlike finish.”
  • There is a wide range of OD tolerances allowed

These unclear specs support the perception that tubing is a commodity, which leads to it being bought on lowest price alone.

Lowest bid wins mentality does not fit with the best value in tubing. Proper fittings, tubing preparation and attention to all safety considerations will assure leak-tight, reliable connections. Lower your risk at potential leak paths and you can expect lowest installed cost associated with maintenance, operations and product procurement, while increasing safety, process efficiency and profitability.

So in the end understanding the value of the tubing you purchase, and following tubing best practices can help you achieve a leak-free system that increases safety and lowers the amount of media being lost due to leaks, and increases value from the tubing you purchase.

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