API 682 - Plan 72 Buffer Gas solution

Plan 72 (usually implemented in conjunction with a Plan 75 or Plan 76) sends an external buffer gas, typically nitrogen, between the inboard and outboard seals, and serves as a containment seal in case of seal failure. Its primary function is to ensure that the nitrogen is clean and delivered at the right pressure and flow. 

Our solution is extremely compact, potentially 3 times smaller than your current solution, leading to significantly less weight. It contains a coalescing filter to nearly eliminate process emissions and moisture, and consists of 100% Swagelok components so you can rest assured that the materials and craftsmanship are fully backed by our warranty.

Don’t risk unplanned downtime with your current setup. The transition is simple, and we can help customize.
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For your Plan 72, Swagelok has off-the-shelf, easy-to-use components allowing for a shorter quote-to-install period while eliminating threaded pipe, simplifying and accelerating the installation process.  These components include: