7 Keys to Getting the Right Hose


Think of S.T.A.M.P.E.D. when you think of hose. This method makes sure you are getting what you need. The letters stand for Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, End Connection and Delivery.

Here's what we mean:


Size is a consideration when you have concerns about space constraints. Hose assemblies with elbows, tube adapters, quick connects or even different end connections on each side of the hose may help resolve those issues.


Identify the minimum and maximum temperatures the hose assembly will be exposed to with regard to the system media and the environment. Different hose materials operate best within different temperature ranges. Metal hose is the choice for temperatures from minus 325 degrees (Fahrenheit) to plus 850 degrees. TFE-lined hose has a narrower range, from minus 65 to plus 450 degrees. Nylon hose has an even narrower range, minus 40 to plus 200.


If the hose is expected to flex or otherwise change position while in use, that's called a Dynamic Application. If the hose is to remain stationary and not move in any plane, that's called a Static Application. Consideration of thermosleeves, fire jackets, protective spring, spiral or armor guards, or ID tags can increase safety of hoses.


Identify the system media and the environment to which the hose assembly will be exposed. This will help determine the materials of construction best suited to the application demands and whether the hose requires a static dissipative core.


Identify the minimum and maximum pressures (or vacuum) within and outside the hose assembly.

End Connection

Identify which type of end connection is most compatible with the system requirements. End connections differ with regard to materials of construction and pressure ratings. Cam and Groove, welded, and swivel ends are available along with more standard ends are available to fit right into your system.


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