MPC Top 10 Checklist

There has been lots of buzz surrounding ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02-compliant Modular Platform Components (MPC). Over the past several years, as smart system technology has evolved to the next generation, these smart systems can send signals or activate alarms that may automate and directly impact processes. The surface mount components do the communicating. However, it is the substrate, or below surface platform and fluid flow path, that these smart surface mount components reside on where manufacturers differ the most.

There are significant variances of the substrate layer and flow paths in manufacturers systems. It is paramount to know the differences between available compliant systems before you buy. Hopefully this checklist offers you ideas to consider as you build and design current and future smart systems.

  1. Consider these life cycle costs vs. your traditional process analyzer sample delivery system:
    • Increased component cost
    • Lower design costs
    • Decreased build costs
    • Lower install costs
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Lower maintenance costs
  2. Choose user-friendly design for clean, low profile bench top gas delivery systems for labs and hoods.
  3. Consider designs with half the seals and half the screws to lower install and maintenance time.
  4. Seek out a low maintenance ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02 platform where you only need a Hex screwdriver.
  5. Standardizing on the best modular design platform infrastructure throughout your facility lowers maintenance and training issues, yet open architecture specs allow for each system to be unique.
  6. Small modular platform footprint will improve system efficiency and performance
    • Fits most anywhere, can provide clean efficient sample delivery with far less problematic tubing
  7. Analytical devices are getting more capable and sophisticated. 80% of problems with process analyzer systems are now avoided with simplified, low internal volume sample delivery systems.
  8. Find a Design configurator
    • Easy to use resource with drop and drag functionality
    • Eliminate doing take offs, complete bill of materials is created automatically
    • Assembly diagram reduces drafting time
    • Fastest concept development method
  9. Seek out the most responsive design
    • Less area of entrapment and internal volume to purge will allow you to increase sample cycle frequency and impact your process in real time.
  10. Reduce your measurement errors with less potential leak points, connections and unpurged dead legs so repeatable sample delivery processes can be assured.

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