API 682 - Plan 14 Flush, Combination of Plans 11 and 13 solution

Removing heat and flushing particulate from the seal chamber are some essential purposes of the Plan 14. Additionally, they exist to allow for venting in the seal chambers on vertical pumps and increasing seal chamber pressure to prevent vaporization at the seal face.

Similarly to our Plan 11 option, this combination of Plan 11 and Plan 13 saves you thousands of dollars while drastically reducing the amount of time required for installation. 

Trust the tube fitting experts to make sure you have the right solution for your unique application.

Don’t risk unplanned downtime with your current setup.

The transition is simple, and we can help customize.

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For your Plan 14, Swagelok has off-the-shelf, easy-to-use components allowing for a shorter quote-to-install period while eliminating threaded pipe, simplifying and accelerating the installation process.  These components include: