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Need VCR® metal gasket face seal fittings? Why not go to the company that invented it?

Swagelok has lead the way in developing this technology and is the trusted source for quality ultrahigh-purity products and assemblies. Many of the glands and bodies are available in controlled surface finishes, electropolished and specially cleaned to meet any UHP specifications you might have.

Swagelok VCR metal gasket fittings are the preferred fittings in the semiconductor industry for high-purity gas delivery systems. They are used when the demand for fast, easy and reliable maintenance is needed on components in a welded system. When a failure occurs in a welded system repairs can be costly. VCR fittings facilitate timely maintenance and leak-tight integrity in a make and break system, and minimize disruption to the facility.

Our quality and reliability help:

  • increase safety at your facility
  • reduce your operating costs
  • help to reduce unplanned system downtime

Are your VCR fittings part of a bigger system? We can design, assemble and deliver a solution that can remove the complexity and help eliminate your risk with this work.

Get additional peace of mind knowing that your Swagelok products are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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