Process Regulators

You need regulators compatible with your process conditions and needs. Swagelok has process regulators that fit your application needs, including back-pressure dome-loaded, back-pressure spring-loaded, pressure-reducing dome-loaded, pressure-reducing spring-loaded, high purity, sanitary, and tank-blanketing regulators.

Swagelok regulators are designed to work best within a certain range of conditions. Bump up against one end of the range, and the pressure will build up enough to close off the inlet (aka "lockup"). Go all the way to the other end of the range, and the pressure regulator will be wide open, and is no longer regulating pressure (aka "choke flow").

Pressure reducing dome loaded regulators minimize droop by balancing outlet pressure with dome pressure. Enable dynamic pressure control to provide more consistent downstream pressure as flow demand varies. Maintain control safely by balancing the dome pressure against the force of the outlet pressure.

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