Orbital Welding Versus Manual Welding

For the Welder

  • Repeatable, reliable, higher purity welds are assured —more control throughout weld process
  • Short learning process vs. TIG, which can take years to master
  • Lightweight, portable — take to the jobsite (remote control options available)
  • Powerful tool in the hands of an experienced welder, and easy enough for the novice.

For the Process

  • Safest connections with fewer potential leak paths throughout the system
  • Eliminate threaded and mechanical joints that are costly due to maintenance and replacement costs
  • Better instrument readings because of fewer potential leak points in your system

For the Facility

  • Increased safety
  • Quick set up time
  • Superior weld quality and consistency from the 1st weld through the last weld of the day
  • Ability to track each and every weld with Microsoft® Windows-based touch screen
  • Quick ROI — improved technologies in these machines make them more affordable and a better solution for systems
  • Electronic data capture allows you to automate your documentation
  • State-of-the-art technology monitors weld process, captures and compiles real time data, and electronically transfers to a computer where it formats data for statistical analysis

Training is provided with unit, further certifications are available, call for more information.

Questions on which type of welding is best for your application? Email or call 866.901.0151.