Flexible Tubing

Swagelok offers a variety of Flexible Tubing for use where a single-layered flexible conduit in which fluids can be routed. We even have a high-purity double-layered convoluted design. So when you need to move fluids or pull a vacuum consider Swagelok flexible tubing.

Where chemical resistance is paramount the use of PFA tubing assures compatibility in most systems. Light weight vinyl tubing offers system transparency and the form, fit and stay capability of our convoluted metal tubing can compensate for misalignment, and can be used at high temperature and vacuum.

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Vinyl Flexible Tubing

Soft, flexible, and clear, Swagelok vinyl tubing handles a wide variety of laboratory chemicals and applications where system transparency is desired.

PFA Flexible Tubing

PFA flexible tubing is designed for use with both Swagelok PFA tube fittings and metal Swagelok tube fittings in low-pressure applications.

Convoluted Flexible Metal Tubing

Convoluted flexible metal tubing and hose can compensate for misalignment and system reroutes between static connections in vacuum or low-pressure static applications.