Stainless Steel Tubing

Not all tubing is the same, and because it is a critical component that affects the seal of the tube fitting we offer only the highest quality and we put in the extra effort to ensure it is ready to install once you receive it. Scratches can cause leaks so we protect our tubing with cardboard shipping tubes, and we offer tube support systems to help ensure the integrity of the tubing. Additionally, we can prepare your tubing by cutting, deburring, capping and facing for the best results.

We have the ability to assemble our fittings into a two-piece solution to solve a simple problem, or we can design and create sub-assemblies or skids, such as sample panels, seal support systems, chemical injections and lube oil skids, to ultra-high-purity gas sticks, boxes, purifier panels and more.

And if you have fitting and other compressed air or gas leaks we have a team of experts, including field engineers, who can pinpoint the issue, prioritize the improvements needed and prove your case to gain approval. Oftentimes, this can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, and a significant increase in efficiencies and safety, while eliminating threats of unplanned downtime.

Swagelok products are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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