Research Facilities

Some of the best minds in the world are coming up with brilliant ideas to transform the world we live in. We understand you need to deliver results that justify and gain more funding, satisfy the curiosity of scientific discovery while minimizing risk in the process. We want to help you and your colleagues realize your goals.

You are charged with not only pushing the boundaries of discovery processes but to draw out innovative and meaningful scientific insight. All accomplished efficiently while minimizing risk by doing so safely. More than just data but professional reputations and legacies are at stake.

Swagelok can serve as an important resource in achieving these ends. We have experts who can help your team select the right component with the right material for your fluid system and teach your team to expand and develop skill sets that drive desired outcomes.

Trust us to get the direction needed for your next project.

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University of Ottawa teams up with Swagelok on lab design and functionality