How to Install Insulated Tubing

Determine Required Length

  1. Consider the length of tubing.
  2. Allow at least 12 inches of straight tubing before connecting to fittings.
  3. For steam-traced tubing bundles, add enough length to connect the tracer to the supply connection and to the return system.
  4. For electric-traced tubing bundles, add enough length to connect the power supply. Include 6 inches for inside the junction box. Include enough length of tracer to heat any other desired devices at the end of the bundle.

Tracer Connections

Electric tracer kits must be connected and terminated using approved power connection and termination kits.

Center Line Tool for Insulated Tubing Bundles Connecting to Instrumentation

  1. Cut the jacket and insulation, and remove to expose process and tracer tubes
  2. Insert the tube bundle through the seal boot
  3. Unscrew center nut and remove center bend shoe
  4. Insert tube bundle
  5. Gently bend tubes against the outside shoes
  6. Install center bend shoe and tighten center nut
  7. Bend tubes against center shoe until tubes are parallel
  8. Repeat step 2, and remove tubing bundle from tool
  9. Seal bundle ends with heat shrink end seal boot to protect the insulation

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