Pressure Gauges

Industrial and Process

Measuring pressure accurately requires a high-performance gauge. We offer a wide array of gauges for general industrial, ultrahigh-purity, and sanitary applications with a variety of end connections and mounting options.

Alignment can be difficult when installing a gauge with a threaded end connection, positioning the dial properly without damage to the threads or gauge is difficult. Our Swagelok integral tube adapters can eliminate these alignment problems. 

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PGI Series

  • Dial sizes from 1 1/2” to 6” (40mm to 160mm)
  • Accuracy in accordance with ASME, EN, and JIS
  • Variety of end connections, including Swagelok tube adapters
  • Center-back, lower-back, and lower mount configurations
  • Stainless steel and reinforced thermoplastic construction
  • Filled or dry

P Model

  • 4 ½” and 6” (115 and 160mm) dial sizes
  • Solid front and blowout back for severe service
  • Design meets safety requirements of ASME B40.100
  • Adjustable pointer is standard
  • Threaded cover ring allows easy access to pointer
  • Lens is constructed of clear acrylic plastic
  • Design is fillable

Swagelok products and assembly work are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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