Compressed Gas and Air Leak Detection

We help you solve your chronic leaks once and for all.

Here's how. We PINPOINT existing leaks and provide a root-cause analysis so you understand the cause and gravity of your leaks. We work with you to create a roadmap so you can PRIORITIZE improvements. We calculate ROI to PROVE your case, gain approval, and implement the changes necessary to become a best-in-class facility.

Our compressed gas and air leak detection service utilizes traditional and cutting-edge leak detection technologies to identify and quantify leaks within your compressed gas systems. These techniques allow us to calculate volume of loss, estimate annual cost and emissions avoidance, and identify safety concerns.

Our industry expertise allows us to perform a root-cause analysis of the identified failures, helping to correct the problem not just the leak. Savings can be monumental and immediate, depending on the type of gas being surveyed.

We don't just identify a problem and leave. We partner with you to correct the issue and support you through implementation.

This service provides the potential savings to be realized with a provable ROI, and the goal is to improve efficiency in everyday operations by:
  • Increasing reliability, reducing energy consumption, and lower emissions due to component failures, installation errors, and incorrect product selection
  • Cutting down energy loss in everyday plant operations
  • Lowering operation costs associated with gas leaks
  • Increasing system and workplace safety

We offer flexible programs tailored to match your vision and make your plant more competitive, efficient, and safer. Our report will help develop a business case by providing savings and costs up front, giving you a clear ROI. See how we saved one company over $200,000.

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