Measure the flow rate of liquids and gases accurately with our flowmeters. No external power required, but you can order them with electronic options. Each of our flowmeters are factory-calibrated to spec using clean, dry air for air-flow range models and water for water-flow range models, and can be calibrated to your own application specifications. They are also cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and burrs and are individually boxed. We can also provide oil-and grease-free cleaning by request.

Please note: all our flowmeters must be oriented vertically during installation, except for the M4H model, which is mounted horizontally. Most Swagelok models contain integral needle valves at the bottom (inlet) process connection. Top mounting is available as an option.

G and M Series

  • Glass and metal (armored) tube models, including miniature armored model
  • Highly accurate measurement with individually calibrated scales based on test flows
  • Flexible and adaptable to specific system requirements
  • High quality, durability, and repeatability
  • 1/8” to 1 ¼” process end connections
  • Limit switches available
  • 10:1 turndown ratio

Swagelok products and assembly work are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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