Ultrahigh-Purity Valves

The gas systems used in semiconductor manufacturing must maintain the highest levels of purity of any industry. Even the tiniest of dust particles can be detrimental. Our valves are designed to minimize or prevent the generation and collection of extremely fine particles. The valves must be corrosion resistant, of ultrahigh-purity quality (electropolished and passivated) and meet material specifications for weldability. Swagelok diaphragm valves, and in some cases, bellows shut-off and metering valves, will meet these requirements. Think of applications where system media will touch the product (gas distribution, tool hookup, VMBs, VMPs), where high-purity gas will be needed for non-oxidized welding (argon purge) and wherever particulate standards need to be met.

The use of a diaphragm-type bulk gas valve will be specified in ultrahigh-purity bulk-gas delivery and solvent systems. These valves will also be seen in ultrahigh-purity gas supply in tank farms and gas-yard installations. Inside the fab these valves will be used for lateral distribution systems. Consider using:

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