How to Protect Your Hose

You have invested time and money in selecting the proper hose for your application. Now you need to protect your hose in order to maximize its life and create a safer work environment. Here are some things to consider.

Fire Jacket

  • Protects and insulates from internal temperature extremes
  • Guards against molten splashes and flames
  • Helps resist hydraulic and lubricating oils


  • Gives operator protection in high temperature service
  • Prevents direct contact with the hose and resists abrasion
  • Protects your hose from weld splatter and UV light

Armor Guard

  • Offers highly flexible protection against hose damage from movement of gas cylinders
  • Can protect the entire length of the hose from kinking
  • Has little effect on hose flexibility

Spiral Guard

  • Highly flexible protection from abrasion
  • Can be applied to hose already in service
  • Can protect the entire length of the hose or just the ends

316 Stainless Steel Braid Material

  • Protects against corrosive external environment
  • Increases pressure retaining capabilities

Nano-Gel Cover

  • Protects user from freeze ups in cryogenic service

Spring Guard

  • Resists kinking and abrasion
  • Highly flexible
  • Available for entire length of hose or protection of ends

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