Field Instrument Enclosures

Do you have a capital project where you need instrument enclosures?

Do you have an instrument, or a few, that freeze up in the winter?

Do you have an instrument, or a few, that need to be protected from the conditions of the environment where it is installed?

We will take the time to understand the environment where the instrument resides as well as the required instrument protection. Then we will go to work on a mutually-agreed-upon design, build it, leak test it, and ship it ready to be installed. We have a team of Swagelok-certified assembly experts who will ensure that your instrument enclosures exceed the strictest of quality requirements, and we back them with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Are you turning up the flow to whatever is needed to maintain positive pressure on your purged instrument enclosure cabinet? Are your instrument enclosures a potential leak point in your system? We can provide a compressed gas evaluation that can reduce energy loss and system costs. 

Ask us about how this can help optimize your system. Email or call 866.901.0151.