API 682 - Plan 41 Cooled Flush with Cyclone Separator solution

This is a Plan 31, but cooled. A cyclone separator removes solids from the flush fluid. Its purpose is to:

  • Eliminate flush fluid solids
  • Move cooled and cleaned flush fluid to the seal chamber and remove heat to cool the seal

Taking advantage of tube versus using pipe, the Plan 41 reduces leak points and the potential for vibration issues. We have been making fittings for more than three-quarters of a century so you can trust us to provide a quality solution for your application. Best of all, these rotating equipment components are immediately available, easy to install and are cost effective for each installation.

Don’t risk unplanned downtime with your current setup. The transition is simple, and we can help customize.

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For your Plan 41, Swagelok has off-the-shelf, easy-to-use components allowing for a shorter quote-to-install period while eliminating threaded pipe, simplifying and accelerating the installation process.  These components include: