API 682 - Plan 54 Barrier Fluid Pressurized by External System

Plan 54 is a dual seal solution that delivers pressurized barrier fluid to the seal chamber, which is circulated by an external pump. It is optimal for applications where the seal chambers varies. Its purpose is to:

  • Isolate process fluid
  • Nearly eliminate process emissions
  • Provide higher pressures to reduce seal differential pressure

This seal skid is often used in hot temperature service to improve heat removal or to maintain a low barrier fluid temperature, often a boiler feedwater pump. It is a great solution for when your facility does not have a centralized seal skid serving multiple pumps.

Check out this Fluid Sealing Association article describing when and how to use a Plan 54.

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For your Plan 54, Swagelok has off-the-shelf, easy-to-use components allowing for a shorter quote-to-install period while eliminating threaded pipe, simplifying and accelerating the installation process.  These components include: