Weld Fittings

Swagelok offers an array of materials from 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel to 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel, in a variety of styles, configurations, finishes and cleaning specifications.

General Industrial 316 Stainless Steel Weld Fittings include:

  • Tube socket weld
  • Automatic Tube socket weld
  • Tube butt weld to Tube socket weld
  • Pipe socket weld
  • Pipe butt weld

High Purity and Ultra-High Purity weld fittings include:

  • Micro-Fit fittings
  • Tube Butt weld
  • Automatic Tube Butt weld
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Fittings for Ultrahigh-Purity (Chemically Cleaned and Passivated)

Cleaning and Packaging is available per Swagelok’s Standard SC-10, Special SC-11, Photovoltaic SC-06, and Ultrahigh-Purity SC-01.

Swagelok Micro-Fit design accommodates system miniaturization, close spacing, and equal flow and ratings to larger weld fittings.

Tube ends are machined with a square face and corners to enhance alignment and maintain tube wall uniformity.

Swagelok products and assembly work are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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