Qualities of the Best Panel Shops

When considering integrating a panel shop into your supply chain it is important they meet your needs. You can't afford to have a vendor who overpromises & under delivers.

Use of an outside panel shop drastically reduces your ownership costs associated with procurement, engineering and installation. Fabricators who do it best understand how to play to their strengths. They use resources efficiently while delivering safety, product integrity and lowest installation costs as value to the customer. A panel shop or any quality system fabricator will deliver value the following ways.

Easiest ordering process

Let the panel shop work for you. One part number for numerous components saves you time and troubles. Gone are dozens of part number look ups and quotes from several vendors. Efforts needed to receive and warehouse parts prior to installation are eliminated. Additionally, waste and guesswork is removed because prior to purchase you will receive a quote and drawing for approval.

Decrease your engineering efforts

A quality fabrication shop will have an engineering team at your disposal. They take your idea and work with you to create drawings and options for your custom panel or skid system that will work best for you.


With many years of experience and having completed hundreds of assemblies, the best panel and subsystem builders have efficiencies already in place. You may experience added costs and efforts in assembly, training, engineering and testing to get these processes up and running safely at your facility.


Assemblers that have a high degree of familiarity with the components to be assembled should be a priority. They should be certified orbital welders, top-notch tubing benders, and trained, experienced installers that use their expert skills to deliver safe, leak-free, reliable connections each and every time.

100% tested prior to delivery

A panel shop should stand by their work — providing a product that is tested for leaks and functionality. Delivery should be agreed upon up front and expected when promised.


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