Swagelok Quality System

When it Comes to Quality, We Will Never Rest

For over seven decades, Swagelok Company has demonstrated its commitment to designing, manufacturing, and delivering extraordinarily reliable fluid system components. Today, customers are asking us to expand our offering of products and services and find new ways to help them solve their most challenging problems.

Swagelok works with its authorized Swagelok sales and service centers to develop these new products and services, including engineered-to-order products, subassemblies and welding, new technologies, and intelligent products, we must meet the same high standards of excellence and value you have come to expect. The Swagelok Quality System (SQS) is a business management system designed to help authorized sales and service centers systematically manage and improve processes throughout their supply chain.

With Swagelok SQS, Swagelok sales and service centers are evaluated on their SQS implementation by an independent third-party registrar, BSi Management Systems, who recommends certification by Swagelok Company. 

The structure of the Swagelok Quality System requires objectives to be clear and measurable, people to be well trained, equipment to be properly maintained, and processes to be consistent. This translates to efficient processes, productive employees, and satisfied customers.

The Swagelok Quality System will make it far easier and faster to introduce new products and services, and to establish new initiatives and processes. In short, with Swagelok SQS, we are in a better position to anticipate your changing needs and deliver high-quality products and services, time and time again.

We are audited every three years. This audit takes two-and-a-half days and annually we are subject to partial audits. Audits consist of an auditor visiting our facility and examining every process ensuring we are following our written procedures. 

Here is our latest SQS certification document.