Leak Detectors, Lubricants and Sealants

Let Snoop, Goop and SWAK, PTFE tape and PTFE-free pipe thread sealants be key components in your leak prevention and detection strategy.

Snoop detects leaks through bubbling action, the size of the bubble indicates the size of the leak. Real Cool Snoop can be used to -65F.

Goop lubricates your pipe threads, O-rings and other components.

SWAK, PTFE tape, PTFE-free pipe thread sealants assure that your installed connections perform leak free.

If you have leaks, maybe your fittings aren’t installed properly. We can train your team how to install them and oversee your next installation to ensure you are getting the value from your Swagelok components.

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How to Apply SWAK

Watch this short video to learn how to properly apply SWAK so you seal your connections leak-tight every time.

PTFE Tape Application

Learn how to apply PTFE Tape to prevent system fluids from penetrating your connections.