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Our highly-engineered quick connects can help provide a safer work environment, reducing your operating costs and minimizing unplanned system downtime because they are simple to use and provide a connection you can trust. There is no turning, twisting or wrenching necessary to properly use our quick connects, and they limit the amount of spillage or air inclusion during coupling and uncoupling.

Our quick connects create a wrenchless system perfect for environments where you need to make and break your connection a lot. Also, you can foolproof your system with our color-coded and numbered keyed quick-connects that create a positive mechanical lockout system to prevent accidental intermixing of lines in multi-pressure or multi-fluid systems.

When you choose Swagelok quick connects you can rest assured that they exceed the strictest of quality requirements, and our warranty can provide extra peace of mind.

What’s a quick connect without a hose?  We can put together a simple quick-connect and hose assembly for you or design and fabricate a larger subassembly for your fluid system. Our Swagelok certified team can create a one-part number solution from your concept and take it through install.

And if you have fitting and other compressed air or gas leaks we have a team of experts, including field engineers, who can pinpoint the issue, prioritize the improvements needed and prove your case to gain approval. Oftentimes, this can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, and a significant increase in efficiencies and safety, while eliminating threats of unplanned downtime.

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