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We help design, build and optimize fluid systems by integrating our expertise with yours to create better business outcomes and competitive advantages for you.

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For nearly 75 years, Swagelok has been a trusted resource for your fluid system needs. Here at Swagelok Chicago | Milwaukee | St. Louis we are your local authorized sales and service center, and our team of experts can help design your fluid systems, build them, and even evaluate them for optimization opportunities. All of this will help keep your team safe, decrease your operating expenses, and help eliminate downtime.

Seal Support Systems

Our seal support systems and fittings offer a dramatic reduction in leak points, simpler installation, easier maintenance, and a significant increase in safety.

Grab Sampling Systems

Our single-valve closed-loop sampling solution is simple to operate, and easy to understand. We offer a standard design platform customizable to your requirements.

Compressed Gas and Air Leak Detection

We help you solve your chronic leaks once and for all. We PINPOINT existing leaks, providing a root-cause analysis. We create a roadmap so you can PRIORITIZE improvements. Then we calculate ROI to PROVE your case & gain approval.

Tube Bending Training

Join the thousands of trainees who've gone through the training and become certified, and then implemented the training to get real results of increased safety and system efficiency along with cost savings.

CAD Library

CAD Library

Material Selection Guide

Material Selection Guide

Certifications and Certificates

Certifications and Certificates